A holiday in Malaysia is definitely like no other. Begin your tour of this amazing country in Melaka where history is at its best. The streets of Melaka each have a tale to bear and as you explore the state, your will discover more about the nation as a whole.

The numerous historical monuments here will definitely make your day. There is just too much to explore in Melaka. A trip to Melaka would not be complete if you do not pay a visit to the historic landmark of Dutch Square. This square which is usually featured in most postcards that are made of Melaka is a great meeting point for tourists from around the world. It is the focal point of several of the historical monuments and sites in the state and is therefore a great place to spend some time in as you discover and explore the best of Melaka. The square is also fondly known as the Red Square because most of the area has been painted red. This was the custom of the Dutch when they were in Malaya. The color was then darkened by the British when they ruled.

The brick buildings are definitely a sight to see. They stand majestic as they look over the square and the largest structure; the Stadthuys. This building was built to be the town hall when the Dutch ruled and was used as the residence for the Governor at the time as well as his deputy. The Christ Church has been standing in this square since 1753 and this is the oldest protestant church in Malaysia. It definitely is a great church to visit; considering how antique and unique this church is. The beam of the church is its notable feature because each of its pillars is made from a single tree and they all stand over 15 m high.

Also a highlight when in the Red Square is to visit the Malaysia Youth Museum and Art Gallery. Here, in this building that was built in the late 1700s is where you will find the best of art from the younger generation. The building however was designed to be the Dutch Administrative complex back in the day when the Dutch ruled the land but it was then renovated and used as a post office to serve the nearby villages before being transformed to become a museum.

Queen Victoria’s Fountain stands in the square too. It was built in 1901 by the British when they ruled the land. It was to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Of the queen and is therefore an amazing fountain to visit. The fountain stands in the center of the Christ Church and still functions to this day.

Whether it is strolling through the many attractions and historical sites in the Dutch Square, taking pictures or just visiting one particular site that interests you, the Dutch Square is definitely a must-visit while in Melaka.

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