hari rayaWhichever time of the year it may be, you may just be at the right place when in Malaysia to be a part of a celebration. Diversity here has allowed Malaysians to observe more holidays and festivals to celebrate and the diversity thrives in so much of unity amongst the people. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is one such festival that you should celebrate while having vacation in Malaysia.

This is an important holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide and in Malaysia; the local Muslims celebrate this festival to mark the end of the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the month where the Muslim devotees fast and thus the festival always falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal according to their calendar. Although there is a slight difference between some Islamic countries as to the day of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, most countries celebrate on the same day.

Things to see During Hari Raya in Malaysia

Hari Raya is definitely a big festival for the Muslims and is celebrated on a grand scale. Families will gather together to break their fast in the mornings as well as in the evenings. Usually, the shopping malls throughout the country will be decorated with paper lanterns of ketupats; one of the famous foods made during the festival of Hari Raya. This is the festival where you will see many bazaars being opened in the housing areas as well as in the heart of the city and all throughout the country. Walk through the bazaars to get the best bargains on traditional Malay clothes, great food and many other items that are being sold here by the local population. The main attraction of the bazaar is definitely the food. Here is where you can pick from sweet snacks like pineapple tarts, deserts with sugar filled centres and many other local delicacies that only come out during this time of the year. The festive feeling is definitely there and you can get a chance to mingle with the friendly locals who will be more than glad to tell you more about their festival.

Things to do During Hari Raya in Malaysia

While going in to mosques are quite difficult during this festival, you can still admire the exterior of a mosque. The largest mosque in Kuala Lumpur is a good place to start. The local Muslims usually go to major mosques on the first day of Hari Raya to perform their prayers. Muslim families dress in the same themed color on the first day of the festivals to express their unity. You can also go traditional and wear the traditional costumes when you attend the many open houses being organized throughout the nation.

Another good place to holiday and celebrate Hari Raya with the locals would be in Kelantan. Here, you will get the best traditional food prepared for you by the local Kelantanese here. Join in on the festivity and feel the warmth of the local people as they prepare for the festivals. The culture and traditions here are very unique and you will definitely enjoy yourself as you celebrate this festival.

Traveling during Hari Raya

Traveling in Malaysia during the Hari Raya period is very difficult. Usually, schools are let out a week or two to allow for families to travel back to their home towns for celebration. So, the main highways are very congested. It would be much wiser to plan your travel itinerary with more time allowance.

Where to Stay in Malaysia During Hari Raya

There are many good places to stay during this festival. You can stay in the heart of the city which will definitely leave you spoiled for choice as to which hotel you want to stay in. Staying here gives you the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya in the city which can be happening in certain areas. You can also take part in a homestay program with a local Muslim family in any one of the states. This is by far the best way to fully experience the festival as you will get the best of food, hospitality and experience there is to get.