When in Malaysia, there are many interesting tourist destinations to be discovered. You will definitely be left with many options as to which state to visit as Malaysia has 13 states to choose from. You cannot leave Malaysia without visiting the state of Melaka because this is the cradle of the nation’s history. There is just too much of history and interesting sites to explore in Melaka and it would be wise to spend a day or two here in Melaka before moving on to other destinations.

One interesting destination that you should stop by while in Melaka is the Maritime Museum that is located near the Stadthuys in the Red Square. This interesting little building can be reached by taxi, considering how public transportation in Melaka is limited. The gallery in the Maritime Museum is definitely an interesting one that will captivate you as you walk through the many showcases.

This is a museum like no other because the building is really the replica of the Portugese Flora de Lamar. This was the ship that sank off the coast of Malacca while it was returning to the motherland. Standing tall and magnificent at a height of over 30 meters, the structure is a museum by itself and is an amazing experience that will mesmerize the young at heart. It is an amazing place to be in if you always wondered what it felt like to be on a big ship.

The inside of this big ship is like no other. The museum housed inside the ship highlights the maritime history of Melaka and how the water of Melaka was important in shaping the success of the golden ages of Malacca’s Sultanate as the Eastern Emporium. The eras of the Malaccan Sultanate are showcased here, making the museum a great place to begin your tour of this historical state. Those who are ship enthusiasts will definitely love the experience from the very beginning and there are many ship models that are on showcase in the museum that will make any ship lover’s day. The informative labels of the ship will tell you more about the type of ships you are looking at and the purpose it was designed for. Also an interesting exhibit is the many articles that are preserved once they were found off the shores of Melaka. Textile, porcelain and silk were found shipwrecked from the early days of the state and it is definitely an interesting and unique sight to behold.

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