Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise in Johor is a plantation that produces up to 135 types of herbs and spices. Spanning 3200 acres, it the largest plantation of herbs and spices in Asia.

There are many activities for visitors to choose from at this farm, but the main feature here is of course its namesake, herbs & spices. Visitors can go on guided tours of different packages; tours generally include a briefing on herbs & spices, providing basic information on these plants before proceeding to herbs garden, a garden herbarium, herbs gallery and inclusive of lunch. The farm, given its large space, also provides outdoor activities to those who are more adventurous. Upon booking, visitors can participate in jungle trekking and night walk, camping trips at the plantation grounds, abseiling, canoeing with meals included. There are even facilities to perform flying fox, river crossings and various obstacle courses, so team buildings are often conducted here. If outdoor activities are not what visitors are looking for, head to the Nasuha Resort for a relaxing spa treatment, using locally cultivated herbs to refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate the body. The farm even has its own herbs-themed restaurant that caters to the health conscious. Before leaving, visitors can many products made from herbs, such as soaps, tea, oil and herb-brews.

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise is indeed an all in one agro-tourism destination the holds educational, recreational and relaxation value.

How to get there

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise is located about 150 kilometres from Johor Bahru, about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. From Johor Bahru, take the North-South Expressway and exit at Pagoh toll. The farm is just 3 kilometres straight from the toll. Similarly from Kuala Lumpur, use the North-South Expressway and exit at Pagoh toll; the destination takes about 2 hours, covering 185 kilometres.

Opening hour and entrance fee

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise opens daily and entrance fee is depending on the tour package of choice.

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