Temerloh is the second largest town in the state of Pahang after the state capital Kuantan. Temerloh has grown in recent years after becoming a new industrial center and being connected to the newly build East Coast Expressway.

Located by the banks of the Pahang and Semantan Rivers, Temerloh is rich with a large variety of freshwater fish. The Patin catfish especially is the pride of Termerloh, famous for its juicy taste and regarded by many as the best freshwater fish in the world. Visitors can try the Patin catfish cooked in local styles, although beware as it can be quite pricey.

Point of interest for nature lovers includes Kuala Krau Wildlife Reserve, a forest reserve and also the location of the elephant Conservation and Sanctuary. For those that are in it for the shopping, there is a Sunday Bazaar in Pekan Sehari, one of the largest market in Pahang which sells all sorts of commodities at reasonable prices.

Attractions in Temerloh:
1. Elephant Sanctuary
2. Gunung Senyum Cave
kuala kandah elephant sanctuary Gunung Senyum Cave