Lang Tengah Island

4D3N at Lang Tengah Island – Day 4

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Day 4

7:30am: Woke up and have our luggage ready after our breakfast.

9.00am: It’s the time for us to say goodbye to Lang Tengah Island when the boat arrives to pick us up.



  • There isn’t water heater in Lang Island Resort’s room. I was having a hard time because I’m so scared of bathing with cold water.
  • The water volume is quite small and the toilet in room 207 could even be flooded. I’ve feedback to the management, however, the reply was: Maintenance said it’s normal.
  • Although the air-conditioner in the hotel room is quite old, it’s very chilling and there’s a fan provided.
  • The room size for 2 pax, 3 pax and 4 pax are all the same. There are all provided 2 double beds.
  • The food taste good but the quantity is quite little. You will have no food left if you are late.
  • Coffee and tea will only be provided during the tea time at 4pm (not sure if they provide that too during breakfast)
  • There isn’t any reception for 016. There is for 012 but no 3G. Resort doesn’t provide Wi-Fi service too.
  • There’s 3G reception at D’coconut Resort.

Overall, I had a good stay at the Lang Island Resort.

Trip report by: Daichi

on Sep 07, 2013