Summer Bay Beach

A Guide To All The Best Beaches on Lang Tengah Island

Tucked between the popular Redang and Perhentian Islands, Lang Tengah Island is often overlooked by travellers visiting Malaysia East Coast. If you’re seeking a private corner on quiet shores with plenty to see and do, Lang Tengah’s superb beach selection will not disappoint you.  In fact, this tiny tropical island is dubbed as the “Maldives […]

All The 14 Gorgeous Beaches You Can Find on Perhentian Island

Imagine lazing on a white sandy beach in the Perhentian Islands – relaxing while listening to the calming sound of waves lapping against the shore. The turquoise-hued waters, warm sand, and relaxing ambience of beaches in Perhentian Island draw passionate travellers here every year. If what you’re seeking is unending beach bliss, you’ve finally found […]

10 Great Family-Friendly Resorts on Perhentian Island

The Perhentian Islands are home to magnificent marine life along with its breathtaking beauty— from gorgeous beaches to stunning sunsets, they definitely deserve a visit. But with little ones, the vacation may not be as relaxing as it can be. In this article, we have summed up 10 Best Family-Friendly Resorts on Perhentian Island that […]