The Regatta Lepa 2014

 A beautiful lepa in the past event (Photo credits to: masareka.blogspot.com) The Regatta Lepa has been celebrated every year in April since 1994 and is one of the major events in the Malaysia’s National Tourism Calendar. This celebration involves a water festival which is held in Semporna to honour the lepa. Lepa actually means boat in the dialect of east coast […]

Langkawi International Laksa Carnival (LILAC) 2014

 Demonstration by chef in the past event (Photo credits to: beautifulangkawi.blogspot.com) Laksa is a popular local delicacy in Malaysia which consists of rice noodles served either in curry or sour soup. Almost every state has its own intricate flavors which makes it exotic.  The perfect bowl of Laksa combines a kaleidoscope of flavors – a beautiful balance of the sweet, […]

The Labuan International Sea Challenge 2014

 During one of the challenges in the past event (Photo credits to: http://www.manjuzri.com/blog/?p=158) The Labuan International Sea Challenge is no doubt the largest event in the federal territory of Labuan, and this year marks the 18th time it is being held. Over the years the event has continuously outdone itself by organizing highly acclaimed competitions, such as the […]

Penang World Music festival (PWMF) 2014

The crowd during the past year festival (Photo credits to: onlypenang.com) The much anticipated Penang World Music festival (PWMF) returns for the third time! Besides awesome performances by an array of well-known international and local musicians, you will be mesmerized by Quarry Park’s beautiful landscape as this open-air festival will be staged there.  During the festival, there will be various art […]

The Archipelago Drum Festival 2014

 One of the Malay dances performance during the past event (Photo credits to: magicclickers.com) The Archipelago Drum Festival, also known as the Gendang Nusantara Festival, is held in April in conjunction with the Melaka World Heritage City Anniversary Celebration. This festival is a drum art which was first introduced in the year 1995 to foster Malacca […]

Royal Belum World Drums Festival 2014

During one of the drum performances (Photo credits to: imagesofipoh.blogspot.com) Showcasing a vast array of drum troupes from all over the world, the Royal Belum World Drums Festival is back again this year thanks to an overwhelming respond from the public. This festival has been awarded as the “Best International Event in Malaysia” by a local […]