Bentong is a town within the Pahang state close to the border of the states of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Tin ore is fined from Repas river and Perting river, and it also host on the largest copper wire factory in Malaysia.

The botanical garden in Bentung is a favorite among many nature lovers, including a Japanese garden and even a Japanese restaurant that serves great food. Chamang waterfalls is another great place to visit, a great waterfall with tons of water passing through. It is equipped with seats, basic amenities, and ample parking space to cater for visitors.

Bentung is located along the Titiwangsa mountain range, and one town within the Bentong district is Bukit Tinggi, which have a unique French Themed Village and hotel. The unique architecture is sure to be a brilliant experience for both local and foreign visitors.

Attractions in Bentong:
1. Bentong Hot Spring
2. Chamang Waterfalls
Air panas Bentong Chamang Waterfalls