Chuping Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Chuping is a small town located in the state of Perlis. Chuping is mainly an agricultural town, with about 22 thousand hectares of land devoted to rubber estates and sugar cane plantations. The sugar cane plantation in Chuping is by far the biggest in Malaysia, with factories producing 5500 metric tons of sugarcane daily during […]

Wang Kelian Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Wang Kelian is a village located at the northern part of the state of Perlis. It is one of the border crossing points from Malaysia into Thailand and vice versa. Wang Kelian is the entrance to one of Malaysia’s newest nature park, the Perlis State Park. The range is a sight to behold, with a […]

Kaki Bukit Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Kaki Bukit is a small town in Perlis with a small population of only 3000 people. There used to be tin mining during the end of the 19th century as tin was in high demand in Europe. The local attraction here is a place called Gua Kelam, a 370 meter long limestone cave that is […]

Kangar Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Kangar is the state capital of Perlis, located along the Perlis River. Despite being a state capital, Kangar remains more of a countryside town, surrounded by fields and farms, and where the city quiets down and gets ready to retire as early as 10pm. Seasoned travelers will be familiar with Kangar as a transit point […]

How to get around in Perlis

Getting around in Perlis is convenient and easy as the Kangar Bus Station at Jalan Bukit Lagi provides regular shuttle services to Kangar, Padang Besar, Arau, Kuala Perlis, Pauh, Alor Setar, Jitra, Kodiang, Simpang Empat, Padang Melangit, Chuping and Kaki Bukit. Alternately, visitors to Perlis can also opt for private transfer, car rental or simply […]

How to get in to Perlis

Perlis is the northern gateway of the country and shares the border with the neighboring country Thailand. Perlis is connected by a comprehensive road and railway network and can be easily accessible via sea and air. By Air Kangar, the capital city of Perlis is a 45 minutes drive from the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport […]