Christmas in MalaysiaVisit Malaysia during the Christmas season and be mesmerized by how Christmas celebration is going on here. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, born as a man to take in time take on the sins of the world at the cross. Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem, which was literally a feeding through and Christmas began to be celebrated much later on. Although in today’s modern world, Santa Claus seems to be taking much of the attention, the real essence of this festival can still be experienced in many churches in Malaysia.

Things to See during Christmas in Malaysia

The month of December is definitely a festive month and is most often deemed the best time of the year. Shopping malls in and around the city throughout the country put up great lights and Christmas trees that can go as high as the ceiling! There is nothing better than walking through the lighted streets and every year, the decorations get better and better. There are many sales and the festive mood during this month is definitely very high. There will also be many performances of carols and sketches.

Things to Do during Christmas in Malaysia

When in Malaysia, although there is no snowfall, the Christmas cheer is still very much alive. Spending a Christmas here gives you the flexibility of deciding what kind of Christmas you want. You can enjoy a Christmas in the heart of the city, surrounded by towering buildings in a luxurious hotel to return to after a long day of touring the shopping malls.

Attend a church play, visit the many shopping malls, eat, drink and be merry. Christmas mass is usually held in the morning and you can attend the services according to the different churches. There are different denominations of churches in Malaysia and you can experience how Christmas is celebrated here and gain a better insight into the true essence of Christmas celebrations to the local Christians. Go on a tour of the many shopping malls in the city and check out the mega sales that are held during this month as well as the impressive decorations.

A quiet Christmas on one of the many islands in Malaysia would also be a great way to spend your Christmas holiday. Relax on the beach, soak up a tan and stare out into the never ending horizon as you greet your friends and family back home a merry Christmas. This would be an ideal gateway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many resorts on the islands around Malaysia that will be just perfect for your gateway. The scenic beaches, the quiet islands and the perfect sunsets as well as the amazing and unique culture here will definitely make for an amazing and unforgettable trip during Christmas in Malaysia.

Traveling in Malaysia during Christmas

The Christmas season is a good time to travel around the country and experience the culture of the land. The public transport systems as well as the highways will be slightly more crowded as the schools are out on break and many are traveling home to their loved ones to celebrate Christmas. The congestion is not as bad as some other festivals celebrated here as the school holidays start in November and there is more time for people to travel.

Where to Stay in Malaysia during Christmas

Depending on what type of Christmas you are looking for, there are many great places to stay at. If you are looking for a good Christmas in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, hotels like the Mandarin Oriental and the Hilton in the heart of the city are good places to consider. If you wish to escape the city and spend a quiet Christmas with the family, the resort in Cameron Highlands will be just the right place for a relaxing retreat. Here, the atmosphere is much cooler in the highlands and you will definitely love the view you receive. Islands around Malaysia will also leave you spoiled for choice on which resort or hotel to stay in. There are many resorts on the islands around Malaysia that will be just a perfect holiday destination during the Christmas holiday.