Costa Fortuna Cruise (Ex. Malaysia)

Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship overview

Embrace the sea with a taste of Italy on the legendary Costa Fortuna, a luxurious sea liner under the Europe’s second largest cruise line, Genoa based Costa Cruise from Italy. Costa Fortuna was launched in November 2003, and some facts about this elegant ship are as follow:

  • Year built: 2003
  • Length: 272m, beam: 36m
  • Passenger capacity: 2,702 – 3,470
  • Cabin: 1,358 (27 for the disabled)
  • Crew: 1,068
  • Deck: 17, 13 for guests
  • Gross tonnage: 102,587 gt

On board, Costa Fortuna is not lacking in facilities and activities despite being deemed a sailing piece of Italian art.

Costa Fortuna Cruise packages:

5D4N Costa Fortuna Cruise Package (P.Klang>Phuket>At sea>Singapore>P.Klang)

4D3N Costa Fortuna Cruise Package A (P.Klang>Penang>Singapore>P.Klang)

4D3N Costa Fortuna Cruise Package B (P.Klang>Phuket>At sea>Singapore)

Costa Fortuna Cruise Cabin Type:

Suite with balcony

COFO Suite with balcony

Second to only the Grand suite, this suite offers passenger ample of space and privacy, and exclusive treatment that is catered personally to the passenger.

Mini suite with balcony

COFO Mini suite with balcony

Slightly smaller space compare to the ordinary suite with balcony, this suite still has a lot to offer.

Balcony Premium

COFO Balcony premium

A premium cabin that is situated at the middle part of the ship, it offers a private balcony for the guests to enjoy their own time and direct wind in the hair and sweet scent of the sea.

Balcony Classic

COFO Balcony classic

A cabin that offers guests direct sea view on private balcony, where they can relax while indulge in the sweet scent of the open sea.

Oceanview Premium

COFO Oceanview premium

A cabin that is situated at the middle part of the ship, this cabin has large windows/portholes for guests to enjoy the direct sunlight, and even sunset which will add more colours to their vacation.

Oceanview Classic

COFO Oceanview classic

A cabin that has large windows/portholes for guests to enjoy the sea view, direct sunlight, sunrise & sunset which will make their vacation more romantic.

Inside Premium

COFO Inside Premium

A cabin that is situated at the middle part of the ship, this affordable cabin offers guests a cozy nest, and intended for those who wants to spend more time joining all the events on the ship rather than in their own room.

Inside Classic

COFO Inside Classic

This affordable cabin offers guests a cozy nest, and intended for those who prefer to live 360o on the ship than in their own room.

Costa Fortuna Cruise Dining:

There are 3 complimentary restaurants, namely Michelangelo Restaurant, Rafaello Restaurant & Cristoforo Colombo Buffet Restaurant, and 1 charge reservation only restaurant, Club Conte Grande.

Michelangelo Restaurant (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, aft on decks 3 & 4)

COFO Michelangelo restaurant

Rafaello Restaurant (Dinner, aft on decks 3 & 4)

COFO Raffaello restaurant

Cristoforo Colombo Buffet Restaurant (On decks 9 & 10)

COFO Colombo buffet restaurant

Club Conte Grande Restaurant (On deck 11)

COFO Club Conte Grande restaurant

Costa Fortuna Cruise Lounges & Bars:

There are several lounges and bars on board of Costa Fortuna for social & various live entertainment, those are:

Costa Bar (On deck 3)

COFO Costa Bar

Leonardo Da Vinci Lounge (On deck 4)

COFO Da Vinci lounge

Conte Rosso Piano Bar (On deck 5)

COFO Conte Rosso Bar

Grand Bar Conte Di Savoia (On deck 5)

COFO Di Savoia bar

Conte Verde Ballroom (On deck 5)

COFO Conte Verde ballroom

Classico Roma Bar ( Cognac & cigar bar on deck 5)

COFO Roma cognac & cigar bar

Colombo Bar (On deck 9)

COFO Colombo bar

Solarium Bar (On deck 12)

COFO Solarium bar

Vulcania Discotheque (On deck 4)

COFO Vulcania discotheque

Costa Fortuna Cruise Entertainment & Leisure:

Rex Theater (On deck 3, 4 & 5)

COFO Rex Theatre

Casino (On deck 5)

COFO Casino

Card Room (On deck 5)

COFO Card Room

Duty Free Galleria (On deck 5)

COFO Duty Free Galleria

Internet Point (On deck 4)

COFO Internet point

Library (On deck 4)

COFO Library

Art Gallery (On deck 5)

COFO Art Gallery

Virtual World (On deck 12)

COFO Virtual world

Squok Club for Kids (On deck 12)

COFO Squok Club

Costa Fortuna Cruise Sports, Health & Wellness:

Apart from just dine & wine, Costa is also emphasizing on guest’ health while they are enjoying their time on Costa Fortuna.

Outdoor water slide (On deck 10)

COFO water slide

Lido Colombo Pool (On deck 9)

COFO Colombo Pool

Lido Oceania Pool (On deck 9)

COFO Oceania Pool

Lido Barcellona Pool (On deck 10)

COFO Barcellona Pool

Children’s Pool (On deck 12)

COFO Children's Pool

Gym (On deck 11)


Jacuzzi (On deck 9, 10 & 11)

COFO Jacuzzi

Jogging Track (On deck 11)

COFO Jogging Track

Basketball Court (On deck 12)

COFO Basketball Court

Tennis Court (On deck 12)

COFO Tennis Court

Saturnia Spa (On deck 11)

COFO Saturnia Spa

Venus Beauty Salon (On deck 11)

COFO Beauty salon

Costa Fortuna Cruise Other Facilities:

Augustus meeting room (On deck 5)

COFO Augustus meeting room

Saturnia meeting room (On deck 12)

COFO Saturnia meeting room

Chapel (On deck 5)

COFO Chapel

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