Krabi Budget Hotel Photo Gallery

1. Sleep Whale Hotel

Krabi Sleep Whale Hotel outer Krabi Sleep Whale Hotel room

Krabi Sleep Whale Hotel lobby Krabi Sleep Whale Hotel room 2

2. APO Hotel

Krabi APO Hotel outer Krabi APO Hotel room

Krabi APO Hotel lobby Krabi APO Hotel cafe

3. The Nice Hotel

Krabi The Nice Hotel outer Krabi The Nice Hotel room

Krabi The Nice Hotel lobby Krabi The Nice Hotel dining

4. Krabi Seabass Hotel

Krabi SeaBass Hotel outer Krabi SeaBass Hotel room

Krabi SeaBass Hotel lobby Krabi SeaBass Hotel dining

5. Phu Panwa Resort

Krabi Phu Panwa Resort outer Krabi Phu Panwa Resort room

Krabi Phu Panwa Resort lobby Krabi Phu Panwa Resort pool

6. Ao Nang Third Place

Krabi Ao Nang Third Place outer Ao Nang Third Place room

Krabi Ao Nang Third Place lobby Krabi Ao Nang Third Place outer 2

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Updated: 05 DEC 2018

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