Kuala Pilah is a town in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Most of the town still looks rather ancient, with many pre-war shop house among the main streets still in great condition and some beautifully repainted. Traditional Malay village houses that are built on stilts can also be seen scattered among the paddy fields.

Kuala Pilah is the home of a magnificent palace known as Istana Seri Menanti. The craftsmanship involved in building this Palace is amazing as it is build out of wood attached together without the use of any nails or screws. Visitor can also stop by the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park to enjoy its waterfalls, where crystal clear water flows from the mountains. There are chalets and cabins available for rent for those who plan to go mountain climbing and track around the jungle paths. The local traditional food such as masak lemak cili api and daging salai masak kicap are a Minangkabau specialty and a must try.

Attractions in Kuala Pilah
1. Royal Museum
2. Seri Menanti Palace
3. Serting Ulu Park
Seri Menanti Royal Museum Seri Menanti Palace Serting Ulu Recreational Park
4. Ulu Bendul Park
Ulu Bendul Receational Park