Long before Malaysia achieved its current status of a developing nation, people tend to name places after the rivers that lead to them, just as how they name roads. One such place that is named after its nearby river is Kuala Selangor. In this case, this sleepy town of Kuala Selangor is located at the confluent (kuala) of the Selangor River. Kuala Selangor is located 67km southeast of Kuala Lumpur. It started when Indonesian Bugis settlers inhabited the village under the leadership of a female chief named Upu Chendera Burung. Its people believed that their leaders could only be of the Bugis origin, and thanks to this belief, leaders from Thailand, Kedah and Pahang ended up establishing Kampung Kuantan, Kampung Kedah and Kampung Siam in Kuala Selangor after failing to claim the seat of the leader of this place.

Attractions in Kuala Selangor
1. Kuala Selangor Park
2. Kampung Kuatan Fireflies
3. Melawati Hill
Kuala Selangor Nature Park Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Bukit Melawati

How to get there

Do not worry about moving around Kuala Selangor, as the attractions are all of walking distance from one place to another. You could even take a tram up the Melawati Hill! However, it is highly encouraged for visitors to drive to Kuala Selangor because buses seem to be the only mode of public transportation here in the day. Otherwise, you would have to spend a night in one of these modest chalets here and take the morning bus back to town.

If you intend to make a day trip on a taxi from Kuala Lumpur city centre, be sure to have the cab driver wait for you to make your trip back – the fare would cost RM 70 per way and you might be able to negotiate for a lower rate if you make a return trip.

Recommended Hotels in Kuala Selangor, Selangor
1. Firefly Villa
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2. Apps Hotel
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3. Sun Inns Kuala Selangor
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