Sabah is especially well-known for its richness in agriculture product. This could be highly due to the fact that the state of Sabah has been preserving the beauty of the Mother Nature for a very long time, thus, allowing it to obtain the most out of the Mother Nature as a return. Now, the state of Sabah is more than happy to return its visitors with the end products from the Mother Nature. Head on to the Papar District located in Kinarut to experience for yourself the true feeling of being surrounded by a huge wave of agriculture products nurtured by the local people.

If you are in the Papar District, be sure to visit the Tamu market, which is considered as the core activity of the district which one must never forget to experience. However, the Tamu market is only open on Sunday mornings. Here, you can get to witness the various kinds of fruits and vegetables planted and grew in the state of Sabah. There are wide varieties of local fruits which are all planted by the local people; thus, you can imagine all the effort and hard work the local people had input in order to provide you with the best tastes they can obtain from their plantations.

In the Tamu market, you can also find various handmade products such as handicrafts produced by the local people. This is a good chance for you to witness for yourself the production process of such remarkable local tradition techniques which you may not be able to witness anywhere else. You can also find fresh vegetables and fishes in the market which you can purchase for a nice barbeque session for the night.

Apart from that, when you are in the Papar District, you can also visit the Papar River, which you will be able to find a steel trestle bridge connecting the two sides of the land across the river. The bridge has a magnificent building structure and is definitely a good place to take photos. Be sure to look around the district for more of such building structures as these traditional structures usually possess a long history which is definitely worthy for you to know more. You can stay in the district until the evening to witness a beautiful and gorgeous view of the sunset from the Papar River. When you are preparing to leave, there are also trains and buses nearby the area, helping you to return to your accommodation safely and comfortably.

Attractions in Papar:
1. KK Adventure Park
2. Kawang Forest Centre
3. Mai Aman
KK Adventure Park , Kinarut / Papar Kawang Forest Centre , Kinarut / Papar Mai Aman , Kinarut / Papar