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Here comes to the last day of our 5d4n Kuching trip, it is hard to say good bye to this beautiful city that offers plenty of beautiful sights and delicious local delicacies. We start our trip by having breakfast near to the hotel and take a slow walk to the nearby beach.

Our first destination is the Open Air Market and Indian Street, here you will find plenty of local cooking ingredients and spices as well as some homemade foods. Near to Open Air Market, there are plenty of car rental services available, depending where you wish to visit, you should always ask around and negotiate for the best price.

Indian Street Car rental near open air market
Indian Street car rental near open air market
Open air market
Open air market Open air market
Open air market

After that, we visit Jalan Gambier (Gambier Street), Kuching Mosque, Sarawak Museum, Padang Merdeka, Old Sarawak Museum, Heroes Graves & War Memorial and Sunday Market.

Padang Merdeka Kuching Mosque
Padang Merdeka Kuching Mosque
Sunday Market
Sunday Market Sunday Market

Now, it is time to say good bye to Kuching and we will definitely come back again. Take note that for entering Sarawak, you will need an entering permit, make sure you keep the permit until the last day before you board the plan, it is required by the immigration during exit.

Kuching airport

Sarawak Entrance Permit

Kuching Airport Sarawak Entrance Permit

Trip report by: Beh Wong