Kluang Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Kluang, which got its name from the Malay language for bats, is a fast growing city that lies in the heart of Johor. The area around Jalan Sentul including Kluang mall makes a great place for food, shopping and entertainment. Kluang has humble origins as an agriculture hub since its early days, and there are […]

Bekok Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Bekok is a little village located in the state of Johor that serves as one of the entrance to the Endau Rompin National Park, the second biggest national park in Peninsula Malaysia after Taman Negara. Most stop by the village for food and lodging if at all, but many nature lovers will pass Bekok to […]

Pontian Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Located at the Southwestern part of Johor is a small town named Pontian. The town consists of 2 parts, one is known as Pontian Kecil and the other known as Pontian Besar. It is approximately 62 kilometers away from Johor Bahru. The population in Pontian is estimated to be about 55,000 with majority Malay, followed […]

Kota Tinggi Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Located about 42 kilometers North-East of Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi is a town in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Kota Tinggi is a rapidly growing town, a lot of visitors prefer to come here to have a short break from the busy city centre life. It is a beautiful and relaxing place with many interesting […]

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Johor

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is a mini theme park in Johor, based entirely on the lovable Hello Kitty character. It is the first ever Hello Kitty theme park out of Japan. Visitors will get to enjoy an array of games, rides and fun activities at the park. Start off with the Hello Kitty Tea Cup […]

Danga Bay, Johor

Danga Bay

Danga Bay is a luxury waterfront in Johor. It spans over 1,800 acres of land, covering 25 kilometres of coastline with beautiful seafront view and glamorous nightlife. One of main attractions of Danga Bay is the retail experience. Visitors will find Danga Bay Mall to be well-developed with many recognizable high-end brands at great prices. […]

Desaru Fruit Farm, Johor

Desaru Fruit Farm sits on 180 acres of land, sprawled with many different types of trees that produce the wide variety of tropical fruits. The fruit farm is well-known for having won the “Best Agro-Tourism Site” in 2006. Visitors here will definitely get to sample the local delights, but will on top of that, learn […]

Puteri Harbour, Johor

Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour in Johor is a mixed development of a harbour front and retail-entertainment centre, consisting of a hotel, retail outlets and a theme park. Located on a beach promenade fronted by a calm beach and high-end lifestyle, the development is an appealing destination for an exciting getaway. The water front project spans 688 acres, […]

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise, Johor

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise in Johor is a plantation that produces up to 135 types of herbs and spices. Spanning 3200 acres, it the largest plantation of herbs and spices in Asia. There are many activities for visitors to choose from at this farm, but the main feature here is of course its namesake, […]