Sabah International Folklore Festival 2014

A scene from the Sabah International Folklore Festival 2010 (photo credits: anakjagung.blogspot) The Sabah International Folklore Festival is aimed at promoting peace and unity through the display of various unique cultural dances by ethnic groups all over the world. The event is hoped to bring together the East and the West and foster understanding among one […]

San Pedro Festival 2014

The San Pedro Festival is one of the biggest Portuguese celebration in Malaysia. The event is a week long, filled with fun, excitement and colour. It celebrates the long traditions of Portuguese fisherman during the early years of their settlement in Malacca. Dance your heart out with the locals to the catchy tunes of Portuguese […]

Floral Parade – Magic Of The Night 2014

Beautiful decorations during the event (Photo credits: tourism.com.my) If you’re looking for the perfect date spot to bring your better half this year, then why not try out the 1Malaysia International Tourism Night. With breathtakingly dazzling floral boats floating by the calm and tranquillizing lake, your eyes will be welcomed and entertained with a excellent display […]

Hari Gawai Open House 2014

Cultural dances that will not fail to entertain (photo credits: vmy2014.com) The Hari Gawai Open House is an event with the aim of bringing people together despite their race, religion and background. This event celebrates the Tadau Kaamatan and Gawai Dayak; celebrations of the ethnic races in Sarawak and Sabah. This event is just another one […]

Penang Durian Fair 2014

Delicious durian for everyone! (photo credits: vmy2014.com) Everyone loves durian, well at least those who have tried it. The king of fruit is a popular fruit in Malaysia, to the point that it can even be called a local delicacies. Durian can be eaten in so many ways, mixed with white rice or gluttonous rice, […]

Ramadhan Festival 2014

The 9th month of the Islamic Calendar marks the month of Ramadhan. During this period, all healthy Muslims in Malaysia go through fasting every day without fail. It is during periods like this where you can truly see the integrated unity among the different races in Malaysia. For Ramadhan, the other races respect the Muslims […]

Tadau Kaamatan Open House 2014

The Tadau Kaamatan Open House celebrates the end of the month long harvest of the natives of Sabah. The open house really demonstrates the unity of the multi-national races in Malaysia as all walks of life can be seen attending this festive event. Be entertained with various performances such as traditional cultural dances and musical performance […]

The Voice of Nature “Bird & Bush Cricket Festival” 2014

The Voice of Nature “Bird & Bush Cricket Festival” is a very special event which celebrates a long tradition of recreational activities among the residents of Kedah. However, due to urbanization, the frequency at which these recreational activities are being done are getting fewer. This event hopes to revive and rekindle these activities. Some of […]

Belia Putrajaya 2014

The Putrajaya Youth Festival is back, bigger and better than ever before. With over 500 events, the festival is aimed at helping youths build character, show and further improve their potential as well as promote teamwork and unity. The event will last for 3 days with a wide variety of activities available for youths to […]

Craft Promotion in conjunction with the Kaamatan Celebration

Some of the dazzling craft displays at the Craft Promotion (photo credit: asianimages.wordpress.com) The Kaamatan festival is a rich cultural event held annually by the Kadazandusuns of Sabah. The word Kaamatan comes from a Kadazandusun word which means harvest and hence, from this, one can guess that the Kaamatan festival revolves around the harvesting season. […]