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Step into Terengganu’s own peaceful, hidden gem of an island.

Lang Tengah Island, or known locally as Pulau Lang Tengah, is accessible via a 30-minute boat ride from Merang jetty, Terengganu. Surrounded by pristine beaches and calm waters on all sides, Lang Tengah island comprises only 3 resorts, a boon for guests and visitors who favour privacy.

The 3 resorts are D’Coconut Lagoon Resort, Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa, and Summer Bay Lang Island Resort.

map of all 3 resorts on Lang Tengah

If you need some help on deciding which Lang Tengah resort you should pick for your next escape, read on!

1. D’Coconut Lagoon Resort

d coconut lagoon lang tengah gallery

Located along the southern shores of the island, D’Coconut Lagoon Resort is the only Lang Tengah resort that has two separate wings, east and west, which are accessible to each other via a short road through the lush tropical jungle in between.

Each wing holds a swimming pool respectively that overlooks the turquoise clear waters caressing the resort’s very own isolated lagoon. Located along the southern shores of the island, D’Coconut Lagoon Resort is the only Lang Tengah resort that has two separate wings, east and west, which are accessible to each other via a short road through the lush tropical jungle in between.



The resort comes with restaurants serving exquisite Malaysian and western cuisines. If you are seeking something more local to tantalise your palates, consider checking out Warung Dewati, a quaint restaurant by the beach which is only 5 minutes’ walk away from the resort. Owned by a team of father and son, they are famous for their spicy barbequed squid, which makes for a perfect meal with beer as you enjoy the sunset and the ocean view.


What can you do here?

For a 3-star Lang Tengah resort, D’Coconut Lagoon is a stylish budget resort that offers a variety of recreational activities and sports for sea lovers among you readers. Snorkelling and scuba diving trips are the major attractions here. If you prefer something less intense but are still up for something adventurous, sea kayaking and island hopping are available at the resort.

d coconut lagoon lang tengah garden, sunset, activities marine life

Among the three Lang Tengah resorts, this resort is also located the closest to the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch. In this well-known turtle hatchery, guests can get up close and personal with the Green Turtles and learn about the preservation of these precious species.

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2. Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa

sari pacifica signboard
To the west of D’Coconut Lagoon Resort lies Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa. This Lang Tengah resort sits elegantly by the white sandy beach and is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle. It is the perfect getaway if you to desire to escape the concrete jungle that you live in.

As your boat approaches Sari Pacifica, you will be greeted with a colourfully painted pier jutting out from the shore with water so crystal clear, that you can instantly spot all the marine life with your own eyes. Stepping from the wooden deck at the pier towards the resort, you will find yourself crossing through layers of lush tropical foliage intertwining with resort buildings that are inspired by traditional Malay architectural design elements.

Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa has a swimming pool and a children’s pool located at the centre of the establishment, a nod to you if you are bringing your children. If you need any extra toiletries, snacks, or beverages, there is a mini-mart too. Yet again, another perk for family guests.

The resort offers garden or pool villas for its accommodation options. These rooms come in twin, triple or quad bed arrangements, depending on availability upon booking. Rest assured that they are air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. Depending on which villa you choose, you will have your very own private balcony where you will either get a pool view or a tropical view. Each villa comes with a refrigerator, safe, and a flatscreen LCD TV. If you are feeling lazy, let it be known that room service is available for your convenience.


For your dining experience, do head to the resort’s very own Kayu Manis Restaurant, where you are offered both Malaysian and western delicacies. If you are not ready to make an early night of your stay just yet, you would be pleased to know that the bar and lounge are open all night long.


What can you do here?

When it comes to facilities and activities in Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa, you and your family will be spoiled for choice. Do note that this Lang Tengah resort has its very own dive centre offering PADI courses for scuba diving. Besides diving and snorkelling, you will find a variety of beach sports including beach volleyball, beach futsal, fishing, and island hopping.

For those of you who would like to take a break from the beach and sea, you could try getting close to our tropical nature via jungle trekking. Lastly, if your idea of a holiday is to fully relax your body and mind, do give the Sari Dewa Spa a try. One of the highlights of the private massage is to soak in the breath-taking view of the sea from the outdoor gazebo during your spa session.

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3. Summer Bay Lang Island Resort

Summer Bay Lang Island Resort is located north of Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa, along the same beach. It would not be surprising to find that this Lang Tengah resort offers the same, if not better, quality of snorkelling hotspots where visitors can experience closer proximity with the island’s vibrant coral reef and marine life.

summer bay lang tengah sea aerial view

Summer Bay Lang Island resort is relatively new compared to the other resorts. It is also strategically sandwiched between a broad strip of sandy white beach and dense vegetation that hugs around the establishment. Guests who choose this resort as their holiday destination will alight at either of both piers at the resort.

summer bay lang tengah pier jetty

In the resort, you will find a rather long and narrower pool, with a children’s pool beside it.  You have the option of choosing rooms with pool access, where you could head right into the water from your private balcony. Other room options include twin, triple, quad beds, and up to 5 sharing for families. If you are here with family, you would have the convenience of getting your supplies from the mini-mart in the resort. For guests who stay in Summer Bay for corporate events or company trips, there is a meeting room available for use.

summer bay night beautiful rooms lang tengah



If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you would be ecstatic to know that there is a dining restaurant that caters to your oriental palates by the name of Okeechobee Grill & Sushi Restaurant. This would be welcoming news for those of you who would prefer a wider range of international and local culinary experience.

summer bay restaurant lang tengah okeechobee grill and sushi

Should you stay up for the nightlife at the resort, and you wonder what your drink of choice should be, worry not; sake, beer, or spirits, the restaurant and Sunset Bar have got you covered, while you enjoy a game of pool.

For the early birds among you, imagine having your breakfast in the open while the morning sea breeze brushes your face and hair as you gaze into the stunning morning view of the sea, wouldn’t that be the perfect way to start your day? Well, Seaview Café offers you that magical experience.


What can you do here?

Summer Bay Lang Island Resort offers a myriad of activities for you. The main attractions include a diving and snorkelling centre for scuba divers and snorkellers, even at night, if that is your thing. Should you prefer to do something above water, there is fishing, canoeing, and island hopping. Tours are also available where the resort staff will bring you for a stroll along the beach at night to be mesmerised by the luminous blue sand. Lastly, should you seek to do nothing but just to chill out, there are deck chairs by the beach for you to relax in as you embrace the awe-inspiring sunset with a cool drink in your hand.

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The Verdict

Now that we have introduced all three Lang Tengah resorts to you avid beach lovers, snorkellers, and scuba divers, you might feel overwhelmed with which one place to pick as your next destination in Lang Tengah Island. To aid you in deciding which suits you the most, we have broken these options down by reviewing them based on the following aspects:

Facilities – We judge based on the facilities and attractions offered by the resorts. The wider the range of activities and food options available to you, the better rating it gets.

Cleanliness – We refer to the reviews given by past visitors who stayed at the resort. The cleanliness rating applies not only to the individual rooms but also the common areas and facilities, including the pools and beaches.

Rooms – Room options including the accessibility, amenities, and layout design.

Price – Do note that this element is not considered for our review, as affordability is subjective. However, it gives you a rough idea on which resort suits your budget best.

Value for Money – What matters most is that you get the best holiday experience from what you pay for. While affordability differs among guests and visitors, we judge according to guest reviews on whether their stay was worth the price. So, which is the best resort for your next Lang Tengah holiday?


And the best Lang Tengah resort is…

While D’Coconut Lagoon Resort and Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa are not far behind in terms of our rating. Summer Bay Lang Island Resort stands out with its great balance of facilities, attraction, and room comfort. It is not surprising that the resort is awarded the Travellers Choice 2020 by Agoda.com! With friendly service, comfortable rooms and a pristine, sandy beach for guests, Summer Bay Lang Island Resort is our pick for the best Lang Tengah resort. This is a good place to come to if you want to unwind and disconnect yourself from the world on an island paradise.


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