Lahad Datu is a town and district located in the east of the state of Sabah. The town has a large palm oil industry, with refineries and plants for a deep sea port to export palm oil.

Danum Valley Conservation area is a lowland forest lying in the district of Lahad Datu. This conservation is unique as it has no human settlements within the area until only very recently, and contains a diverse variety of tropical flora and fauna, which even includes the critically endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros. Visitors can trek through the jungle or go swimming in the rivers of the forest, and night jungle tours are offered by local guides as well.

Another interesting location is the Madai Caves, famous for a producer of Swallow’s nests that are used in bird’s nest soup. The nest is actually produced from the Swallow’s saliva, and is prized by the Chinese for its health benefits and exquisite texture and flavor. Licensed collectors will climb the roof of Madai caves to gather the Swallow’s Nest that can be sold for a very high price.

Attractions in Lahad Datu:
1. Danum Valley
2. Baturong Forest Reserve
3. Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Danum Valley Conservation Area , Lahad Datu Madai - Baturong Forest Reserve Nature Centre , Lahad Datu Tabin Wildlife Reserve , Lahad Datu