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All the while, I don’t dare to dive into deep water, I am worry that I am not able to breathe normally underwater. Since I experienced snorkeling in Sipadan, I decided to give scuba diving a try. Hence, I joined the Discovery Scuba Dive in Mataking Dive Centre.

Since there are only 2 days left on the island, so I am only able to join Discovery Scuba Dive. My dive instructor, Dan, prepared all the necessary diving equipment and explained the basic information of diving to me. After passed a simple test, he brought me to a shallow area to learn 3 diving skills, “clear air in regulator”, “find regulator” and “clear mask underwater”. Dan is a very patient instructor, he demonstrates again and again just to show me and explain to me the proper way of diving. After several attempts, I passed the technical test and able to follow a rope to dive deep into the water. I dived into the deep water at 10m, the feeling of diving and snorkeling is completely different. I managed to see a lot of fish species and such experience is so fantastic until I forget how nervous I am in the beginning.

This Discovery Scuba Diving experience is absolutely great, I am not that nervous while in underwater now and also convinced myself to get an open water diver course. Any recommended diver course in Singapore or Malaysia?

discovery scuba dive in mataking