Pekan is the royal town for the state of Pahang, It is a town with a long and rich historical background and home to the state’s royal family.

There are many place of interest one can visit to experience the unique history of Pekan. The most prestigious location would be the state museum of Pahang, the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum. Recently refurbished and now equipped with many modern facilities, the museum contains many historical artifacts and a well-documented account of the royal history and local culture.

The Royal Pahang silk weaving center is another place of interest for sighting of silk weaving with traditional techniques. Quality silk have been produced for centuries in the state of Pahang, once weaved exclusively only for the Pahang Royal Palace.

Attractions in Pekan:
1. State Museum
2. Royal Palace
3. Tun Razak Memorial Hall
State Museum The Royal Palace The Tun Razak Memorial Hall
4. Keladi Cultural Village
Pulau Keladi Cultural Village