Skrang River cruisingSarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. It is a land that is full of thick jungle, mountains, rivers and plenty of enchanting and interesting wildlife. Sarawak is a fun and attractive holiday destination in Malaysia that is packed with a variety of sights, activities and events for visitors of all ages. There are 10 national parks and 4 wildlife reserves for nature lovers to experience the wilds of Sarawak to the fullest.

Cruising and Trekking

There are many rivers crisscrossing the whole Sarawak. The natives here use them as the mode of transportation between the remote parts of the nation. One of the famous rivers is The Skrang River which has calm waters and mild rapids. Visitors can cruise the rivers to reach the Iban longhouses located along the riverbanks deep in the rainforest to further explore their everyday life. Meanwhile, visitors may go jungle trekking at the popular and oldest national park in Sarawak, Bako National Park. It has a well-maintained network of nature trails where you can either go for a relaxing stroll or a full day jungle treks while exploring the nature beauty of the rainforest. One of the interesting things about the park is that there is an area which is planted with almost every type of vegetation found in Borneo. Another adventurous jungle trekking trail is at the Damai Beach where it will lead you to the Mount Santubong.

Diving and Cave Exploring

Sarawak has wonderful and fascinating diving environment. It is an amazing activity as there are many diving sites available here. Some of the popular beaches where you can go diving are the Damai Beach and Pulau Satang located in Aquabase, Kuching. There are shipwrecks to explore and whale shark dives are available as well. Besides, there are also plenty of caves in Sarawak that are worth to see and explore. Sarawak has the finest caving in the world due to the widespread limestone that saturates the island. Niah Great Cave, Wind Cave, Fairy Cave, Skuh Gung Cave, Mulu Cave are among some of the popular caves that visitors love to discover.

Mountain Climbing and Bird Watching

Mountain climbing is a good activity to further explore and learn about the nature beauty and flora and fauna of Sarawak. Most of the mountains in Sarawak are deep in the forest and hence only can be reached by air or jungle trekking. As for the popular Mount Santubong in Damai, visitors can reach by road. Other mountains that you may attempt climbing are the Mount Serapi, Gunung Gading, Mount Penrissen, Gunung Mulu, Bukit Batu Buli and Bukit Batu Lawi. Other than that, you may go on a bird watching adventure at the bird habitats that are located in most national parks like the Gunung Mulu National Park, Niah National Park, Loagan Benut National Park, Lambir Hill National Park and more. It will be a great experience to go to the wildlife sanctuaries and paddy fields for bird watching as well.


There are lots of tribal handicrafts in different variety up for grabs in Sarawak. These handicrafts are very interesting as most of the painting or drawing have the element of the native culture. Some of the popular handicrafts are the stunning double-woven fabric known as Pua Kumbu created by the Ibanese women. The fabrics can be made into sarongs, clothing, carpets and wall hangings. Other things to shop as souvenirs are like the pottery, wooden crafts, bamboo boxes, rattan mats or baskets and more. Visitors can get all these at the 3 major shopping malls in Kuching, Sarawak Plaza, Parkson Grand and Tun Jugah. There is a bazaar along the waterfront as well.