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Sightseeing in Melaka

The Dutch Square

The Dutch Square The Dutch Square

The Queen Victoria’s Fountain and the Clock Tower were both built in 1904 and donated by the local Baba Chen Jin Sheng family, for the Queen Victoria.

The Dutch Square clock tower Dutch Square Queen Victoria’s Fountain

The Stadthuys and Christ Church

The Stadthuys is still well preserved and showcasing historical background of Melaka. The Christ Church is built since 1753 and also worth a visit to discover its mysterious building design.

The A’Famosa

A Famosa is considered as one of the most eye catchy heritage buildings located near to the Stadthuys. The castle was built in 1511 but later being damaged by the Dutch when they conquer Melaka, the structure was damaged as well. In 1808, the castle nearly destroyed by the Britain’s army but stopped by Sir Stamford Raffles.

A famosa castle A famosa castle

Melaka Sultanate Palace

The palace is built entirely with wood without a single nail, the palace also homes to the Cultural Museum that showcases daily necessities in the palace.

Melaka Sultanate Palace Melaka Cultural Museum

St Paul’s Church

St Paul Church St Paul Church

Maritime Museum Melaka

Melaka Maritime Museum

Trip report by: Chen Yong Ren