Kota Belud is a town located in the state of Sabah and serves as the main entry point to Pulau Mantanani.

While usually not much to look at, the town of Kota Belud comes alive during the Sunday Market, known locally as “Tamu”. The Tamu is a collection of colorful and noisy vendors gathered to sell local produce from delicious local cakes to everyday goods. Once a year, Kota Belud will host a Tamu Besar, literally “Big Market” in the local language. It is the biggest market organized in Sabah with traders from all over the region coming in full force to vend their best goods. Besides the Tamu Besar, there is also an annual Harvest Festival known as the Pesta Kaamatan held in Kota Belud.

Kota Belud is also home to the traditional Bajau horsemen, usually dressed in colorful satin garb while showing off their horse riding skills on their steeds, which makes for an impressive sight.

Attractions in Kota Belud:
1. Kampung Kuala Abai
2. Miki Survival Camp
3. Tamu Kota Belud
Kampung Kuala Abai , Kota Belud Miki Survival Camp , Kota Belud Tamu Kota Belud , Kota Belud
4. Usukan Cove
Usukan Cove , Kota Belud