Ranau is a district located in the state of Sabah, which is part of the island of Borneo rather than on Peninsula Malaysia. The Ranau district lies 1176m above sea level, and also encompass the famous Mount Kinabalu within its borders.

Many adventurous tourists will attempt the climb up Mount Kinabalu while visiting Sabah. Situated within Kinabalu Park, it is classified as Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other points of interest include Poring Hot Springs, a natural hot spring which is also in close proximity with the Kipungit Waterfall. There is also the Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens in the nearby Kundasang which was built to commemorate the victims of the Sandakan Death Marches, prisoners of war forced to march across Sabah during the Second World War. The garden is a very tranquil and peaceful and is definitely worth a visit.

Attractions in Ranau:
1. Poring Hot Spring
2. Sabah Tea Garden
3. Tagal Fish Massage
Poring Hot Spring (PHS) , Ranau Sabah Tea Garden , Ranau 'Tagal' Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti - Fish Massage , Ranau