desaruLocated on the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor is the gateway and also the 3rd largest state in West Malaysia. There are lots of treasures in this state, from the lushes green forest, the fascinating view of the mountain and gushing waterfalls to the splendid sky scrapers are among the few attractions that worth to highlight. You will be charmed by the beauty, culture and heritage by having vacation in Johor.

Pet the Crocodiles

Whether you are traveling with family or friends, the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is worth a visit. Established since 1979, there are now more than 1,000 crocodiles available in the farm. You can discover and learn more about crocodiles here as there are interesting facts on display and you can even meet the 100 year old crocodile. Moreover you will be able to come up close and personal with the baby crocodiles where you are given the chance to hold and touch them as well.

Snorkeling, Canoeing and Swimming

One of the best beaches in Johor, the Desaru Beach is famous among the locals and international tourists. It is located at the east of Johor Bahru, the main city of Johor. Desaru Beach is a great holiday destination for family as it provides different types of activities suitable for all ages like swimming, fishing, horse riding, snorkeling, jungle trekking, canoeing,  go-carting, windsurfing and golfing as well. For golfers, you can indulge in an 18-hole golf course available here. Air Papan Beach and Lido Beach are also good for family getaway or beach vacation.

Observe How Turtles Lay Eggs

Clustered in between the Large Island and Hujong Island is the famous Pulau Tengah. It is located at the east coast of Johor state and is about 9 kilometers away from Mersing Town. Visitors will be able to see various native birds and lovely coral reefs as well as fishes underwater here. It is a marine park selected by the Government to preserve the marine life. One of the greatest things when visiting Pulau Tengah is that visitors will be able to witness the eggs-laying process by the leatherback turtle. The island is one of the very few breeding grounds for Malaysian giant leatherback turtle. Visitors should come during the month of July as it is the season to see the turtles lay eggs.

Discover about Pineapple

Do stop by at the Pineapple Museum to discover more about the tropical fruit. The Pineapple Museum is located in a small town called Pineapple Town (Pekan Nanas), about 50 minutes’ drive from Johor Bahru. Here you get to learn everything about the fruit. The museum exhibits the planting process of the pineapple from scratches till the end as well as the way pineapple is processed and canned. On the other hand, it also tells you how the pineapple leaves can be used in making clothes. Visitors can also see the real pineapple plants just right outside the museum. Besides, there are pineapple products available for purchase such as the pineapple jam, pineapple fresh juice and more.

Thrilling Rides

Known as the largest international park, Legoland is the latest holiday destination in Johor that you must not miss. Your holiday in Johor is not complete without visiting Legoland. The park is located next to the current government administrative center, Kota Iskandar. There are thrilling rides, daily shows, events and attractions in Legoland. One of the unique things about the rides is that it is interactive where you need to push, pedal, steer and even splash while playing with it. There are a total of 7 types of theme parks in Legoland therefore visitors are definitely to spend the whole day here exploring.


For visitors who wish to get close with the Mother Nature, there is a national park situated in Tanjung Piai mangrove habitats, the Tanjung Piai Johor National Park. Visitors are able to walk on the available platforms in the park to observe the habitat of mangrove and special flora and fauna in comfort. Apart of that, visitors can even spend a night camping at the park while doing bird watching. Another camping location is at the Endau Rompin National Park. It is the 2nd largest National Park in Peninsular Malaysia. There are 2 beautiful waterfalls in the park and visitors can go for a jungle trek here.