snorkeling in tiomanDiversified of marine life coupled with crystal clear sea water, snorkeling in Tioman is one of the must do activities while having vacation on the island. Snorkeling tour is available in most of the resort on the island, hence, it is very unlikely that you will leave the island without having a snorkeling trip or diving trip to see the beautiful underwater world in Tioman.

Where to Snorkel in Tioman

There are many snorkeling spots available on the island and can be accessed via most of the village here, with the convenience in grabbing fins and mask from the many local dive shops, you can actually dive into the water whenever you like. However, if you are looking for a snorkeling tour that allow you to experience and see more about the underwater marine life here, hire a boat and the boatman will bring you to a more secluded spot for an exciting snorkeling trip.

With a short boat ride from the Salang Village, Tulai Island (or known as Coral Island) is a popular snorkeling spot on the island. Here, you will not only get to see abundance of fish species and you will also get to see the many beautiful hard corals residing underwater. If you are staying in the Berjaya Tioman Resort, exploring the underwater world will even be easier. Renggis Island located just in front of the resort features coral polyps that attached to the rocks below the water here and form the most colorful coral garden in Tioman. Pulau Tioman Marine Park is another popular spot for snorkeling on the island, with the school of fish tailing along, you will feel that you are actually part of their group and this definitely offers a unique experience that you will never get elsewhere.

For visitors who prefer to stretch their leg on a tranquil beach after the snorkeling trip can go to the Monkey Bay located at the northern part of the island. This is one of the most preferred destinations in Tioman and often gets crowded, if you are joining a snorkeling trip, this is the place where most of the tour operators will bring you to.

Get More Fun by Joining a Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling in Tioman can be fun as you get the chance to experience the spectacular underwater marine life here. Even though if you are a first time snorkeler and having no experience at all in such an exciting activity, there are many tour operators here who are more than willing to get you started. On the other hand, if you prefer to get rid of all the hassle by renting snorkeling gear, hiring a boat or scratching your head on how to go to the snorkeling spots, it is a good choice to sign up for a tour package offered by the many dive shops or dive centers on the Tioman Island. Depending on the tour that you are signing up, most of the snorkeling package also covers for accommodation and on board meal.