UK farm

UK Farm, Johor

UK Farm is an agro-tourism resort in Johor that began its operations in 2003 in goat-rearing business. Starting with as small as 2 acres of land, it has grown through the years to become a farm-cum-tourist spot with over 100 acres of land housing about 4000 goats. While catering to tourists, UK Farm in Johor […]

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum Kelantan

The Handicraft Village and Craft Museum, Kelantan

The Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is where visitors can discover and learn about the history of the progress of various arts and handicraft of Kelantan. Here, visitors will be shown exhibits pertaining to local handicraft industry. Displays of Kelantan-styled fine craft can be seen, among them batik, which is the state’s best known product. […]

wau making in kelantan

Cottage Industries and Crafts of Kelantan

Wau making scene in one of the local village in Kelantan (credit: Muhamad Taufik) As a state with rich history of culture and arts, it is not surprising that Kelantan has a thriving cottage industry. Therefore, Kelantan is often dubbed as “The Home of the Cottage Industries”, producing many beautiful works of practical and ornamental […]

Pantai Tok Bali (Tok Bali Beach), Kelantan

Pantai Tok Bali is one of the many beautiful beaches that dot the coast of Kelantan. Compared to other more commercialized beach, Tok Bali beach is relatively quiet and more serene as it is surrounded by green casuarinas. Visitors will find only peace and quiet here as this is one of the more secluded beaches […]

Kuala Koh National Park

Kuala Koh National Park, Kelantan

Kuala Koh National Park is located within the Gua Musang district of Kelantan and part of the Bukit Hantu and Lebir Forest Reserves. It is one of the four entry points to Malaysia’s National Park, the Taman Negara. The main feature of this park is bird watching, apart from the general qualities of a national […]

Al-Muhammadi Mosque Kelantan

Al-Muhammadi Mosque, Kelantan

The Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kelantan was built in 1867 and is part of the state’s religious heritage, having seen many of Kelantan’s religious teachers, or ulama, teaching here. The initial structure was built using wood before being enhanced with concrete modifications in 1922. The tower and dome structure as well as the design of the […]

Shah Alam Blue Mosque

Shah Alam Blue Mosque

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque in Shah Alam, prominently known as the Blue Mosque, is the state mosque of Selangor. Completed in 1988, it remains the largest mosque in Malaysia and the second biggest in South East Asia, accommodating up to 24,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque’s dome is the most distinctive […]

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple, Selangor

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple (佛光山东禅寺) is one of the many branches of Buddhist temple established by the Buddhist monk, Master Hsing Yun. The Fo Guang Shan sect of Buddhist teaching traces its roots to Taiwan, established since 1967. In Malaysia, it is located in the quiet and serene town of Jenjarom (or Jenjarum), […]

Kidzania, Selangor

Kidzania is a place where children can participate in adulthood via many interactive role-plays. Kidzania was initially set up in Mexico in 1999, and the innovative idea slowly spread across 15 countries. In Malaysia, Kidzania caters up to 1,700 children at any one time. Kidzania is modeled after the actual city in which it resides […]

Teochew Ancestral Temple, Penang

The Teochew Ancestral Temple, or officially the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple, was built in 1870 but has its roots entrenched in the Penang Teochew Association, formed in 1855. Initially meant as a community hall for the Teochew migrants from China, it gradually grew into a temple for ancestral worship. The temple may look like any […]