Labuan Marine Park

Labuan Marine Park

Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Rusukan Besar and Pulau Rusukan Kecil from top (credit: etawau) The Labuan Marine Park is located within a 2-nautical mile perimeter off the coasts of 3 uninhabited islands, namely Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Rusukan Besar and Pulau Rusukan Kecil, and is just 2 kilometres off the coast of Labuan’s southern tip.  The area […]

Labuan Marine Museum

Labuan Marine Museum

The Labuan Marine Museum was opened in 2003 and serves to preserve the marine life of Labuan. At the museum, visitors will learn about the marine biodiversity as well as the marine ecosystem of Labuan. The 2-storey building is separated into 16 galleries, which display to visitors information on Labuan marine life, different types of […]

Labuan Bird Park

Labuan Bird Park

The Labuan Bird Park is a 6.9 hectares park that houses up to 580 birds. Among the more renowned ones include hornbills, which are representative of Sarawak, kingfishers, cockatoos, eagles, ostriches and sharmas, among others. At the park, visitors can take photographs of various exotic birds or simply watch them in their enclosures. The park […]

Pohon Batu Beach, Labuan

Pohon Batu Beach

The beautiful sunset at Pohon Batu Beach (credit: Flickr) Pohon Batu Beach is another one of Labuan’s pristine beaches and lies on the same stretch as Pancur Hitam Beach and Batu Manikar Beach. One of the main features that stand out compared to other beaches on Labuan is that Pohon Batu Beach has rows of […]

The Peace Park, Labuan

Labuan Peace Park

The Peace Park, officiated in 1984, was built commemoration of those who lost their lives in World War 2 and as a symbol of renunciation of the terrible acts during war. Visitors to the Peace Park will firstly be welcomed by the serene beauty of the park, laden with greeneries and a man-made lake. A […]

World War 2 Memorial, Labuan

World War 2 Memorial

The World War 2 Memorial in Labuan is a cemetery dedicated to the fallen soldiers who lost their lives in World War 2. It is Malaysia’s largest war cemetery. Here is where 3908 soldiers who lost their lives in World War 2 are buried. Among the more known deceased were soldiers from Australia, New Zealand […]

Pancur Hitam Beach, Labuan

Pancur Hitam Beach

Pancur Hitam Beach during sunset (credit: attractionsinmalaysia) Pancur Hitam Beach is one of the more commercialized beaches on Labuan and winner of the United Nations’ COBSEA Clean Beach Award in 2008. Visitors will find that Pancur Hitam Beach is better equipped with facilities / amenities such as hawker stalls providing meals / refreshments. Visitors can […]

Layang-Layangan Beach, Labuan

Layang-Layangan Beach

Sunset at Layang Layangan Beach (credit: Flickr) Layang-Layangan Beach (not to be mistaken with Layang-Layang Island), is located on the north eastern side of Labuan and faces the vast South China Sea. Visitors heading to this beach can be assured of a relaxing time. The white sandy beach is soft and cooling for the feet […]

How to get around in Labuan

As Labuan is relatively small in size, visitors can basically travel around the island in a 1.5 hours journey. Taxi and chartered private transfer are both the most popular modes of transportation in Labuan. Alternately, visitors can also opt for a car rental service or call a taxi that runs round the clock. Recommended Hotels […]

How to get in to Labuan

By Air Labuan can be accessed easily from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Miri by air. Malaysia Airlines, Mas Wings and AirAsia are operating regular flights between these destinations to Labuan Airport. By Sea Labuan can also be accessed by sea via the Labuan International Ferry Terminal. The terminal receives ferry from Sabah, Sarawak and […]