Gurney Drive Penang

Gurney Drive, Penang

Gurney Drive is a seafront promenade in Georgetown of Penang stretching about 2 kilometres from start to the end. Initially known as New Coast Road, it was renamed Gurney Drive in honour of Sir Henry Gurney, the British High Commissioner in Malaya. Visitors will most often associate Gurney Drive with food, and understandably so given […]

Alor Setar Tower, Kedah

The Alor Setar Tower is the tallest building in Kedah and 19th tallest in the world, standing at a height of 165.5 meters. It acts as a communication tower for Telekom Malaysia, a national telecommunications company, and was completed in 1998 at a cost of RM 40 million. The main draw of the tower is […]

Bujang Valley, Kedah

The Bujang Valley, or Lembah Bujang as it is locally known, refers to an archaeological site in Kedah at which the remains of an ancient Hindu-Buddhist civilization lie. The ancient civilization thrived between the third and twelfth centuries AD, and served as an important port for Arabian, Indian and Chinese traders. The major attraction of […]

Sedim River Recreational Park Kedah

Sedim River Recreation Park, Kedah

Sedim River Recreation Park is Kedah’s top-draw ecotourism destination. Spanning an area of ​​about 37 thousand hectares of forest, there is plenty to do whether visitors are seeking fast-paced adventure or relaxing enjoyment. The park is famous for white-water rafting and is often visited for team-building or group activities. Rafting operators provide the equipment for […]

Zahir Mosque Kedah

Zahir Mosque, Kedah

The Zahir Mosque is the state mosque of Kedah. Built in 1912, it is one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia and has been voted one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. A trip to the mosque is mostly a sightseeing one to witness the grandeur of the structure, the beauty of the […]

Kedah State Museum

The Kedah State Museum was built in 1936 and is the centre of knowledge about Kedah. With more than 1,500 years of civilization in the making, the state museum is home to tons of artifacts. This is a good place for visitors to learn about Kedah’s long history, dating back from the glorious Bujang Valley […]

Gunung Jerai Kedah

Gunung Jerai, Kedah

Gunung Jerai, or Mount Jerai in English, is the second highest peak in the state of Kedah. It has a historical significance as a navigation point for sailors during ancient Kedah. Standing tall at 1217 metres, it oversees the vast paddy fields of Kedah as well as providing refreshing breeze at the top of the […]

Balai Nobat Kedah

Balai Nobat, Kedah

Balai Nobat, or the Hall of Drums, is a royal hall meant for the royal orchestra of Malay instruments. Nobat is an ensemble of 9 Malay instruments, consisting of 2 serunai, 1 nafiri, 1 nahara, 1 gong, a large and a small drum as well as 2 cymbals. The orchestra plays only on special occasions, such […]

Pantai Merdeka

Pantai Merdeka, Kedah

Pantai Merdeka, or Independence Beach, is a recreational beach tucked near the quiet town of Kuala Muda in Kedah. The beach is well-known amongst the locals, usually being the place of choice for weekend family picnics and team building, but it is less prominent among outstation visitors. Visitors can immerse themselves into the crowd at […]

Beris Lake Vineyard

Beris Lake Vineyard, Kedah

Beris Lake Vineyard is the first grape vineyard in the state of Kedah and is fast growing in prominence due to its commercial success in growing grapes in a nation that is better known for tropical fruits. The vineyard covers an area of 34 acres planted with about 6000 grapevines and is located just beside […]