Kuala Krai Tourist Attractions, Activities and Hotels Guide

Kuala Krai is a small town located in the state of Kelantan, and used to be part of the Malaysian tropical rain forest as recent as the 20th Century before being developed to the town that it is today after the introduction of rail road travel. Place of interest includes the Lata Berangin Waterfall, a […]

The Handicraft Village and Craft Museum, Kelantan

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum Kelantan

The Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is where visitors can discover and learn about the history of the progress of various arts and handicraft of Kelantan . Exhibitions Here, visitors will be shown exhibits pertaining to local handicraft industry. Displays of Kelantan-styled fine craft can be seen, among them batik, which is the state’s best […]

Cottage Industries and Crafts of Kelantan

wau making in kelantan

Wau making scene in one of the local village in Kelantan (credit: Muhamad Taufik) As a state with rich history of culture and arts, it is not surprising that Kelantan has a thriving cottage industry. Therefore, Kelantan is often dubbed as “The Home of the Cottage Industries”, producing many beautiful works of practical and ornamental […]

Pantai Tok Bali (Tok Bali Beach), Kelantan

Pantai Tok Bali is one of the many beautiful beaches that dot the coast of Kelantan. Compared to other more commercialized beach, Tok Bali beach is relatively quiet and more serene as it is surrounded by green casuarinas. Visitors will find only peace and quiet here as this is one of the more secluded beaches […]

Al-Muhammadi Mosque, Kelantan

Al-Muhammadi Mosque Kelantan

The Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kelantan was built in 1867 and is part of the state’s religious heritage, having seen many of Kelantan’s religious teachers, or ulama, teaching here. The initial structure was built using wood before being enhanced with concrete modifications in 1922. The tower and dome structure as well as the design of the […]

What To Eat In Kelantan

Located in the north-eastern corner of Peninsular Malaysia is the state of Kelantan. It is a state which is full of paddy fields, fishing villages, and beautiful beaches as well. The majority of the people in Kelantan are of Malay ethnics. They practice very specific Malay traditional cultures and the Malay dialect is somehow a […]

Things to do in Kelantan

With the major population of Malay ethnic, Kelantan is known as the “Cradle of Malay Culture” in Malaysia. Some of the well-known traditions like kite flying, wayang kulit (puppet show), songket weaving and batik design can be seen in this state. There are many beautiful beaches around Kelantan with romantic ambiance which attract visitors from […]

Masjid Kampung Laut, Kelantan

Islamic is the main religion of Malaysia. Therefore, a visit to Malaysia will not be complete without a visit to at least one mosque and Masjid Kampung Laut (Sea Village Mosque) would be one of the ideal mosques to visit because within its four walls, the story of Islam’s spread to this side of the […]

Gunung Stong – A Trip Back to Nature

Gunung Stong in Kelantan, is the place to go if you are in for a little bit of rough adventure, it is often recommended as one of the most exceptional eco-tourism destinations in Malaysia. Even the journey to get there is exciting in itself, whether by rail or road, you will pass by quaint Malay […]

Check Out How War Started at the Kelantan War Museum

The Kelantan War Museum is also known as ‘Bank Kerapu’. Built in 1912 by the Mercantile Bank of India, it was not only the first bank that opened its doors in Kelantan, but also the oldest brick building in the state. With that said, prior to this time, all buildings in Kelantan were made of […]