Where to stay in Pulau Redang

redang island resort

A tropical island with an abundance of beautiful underwater marine life, unspoiled beaches and top-notch accommodation options, Pulau Redang (Redang Island) is one of the best island destinations in Malaysia for a honeymoon or family vacation. Depending on the type of vacation that you are looking for, the accommodation here ranges from budget resorts to […]

Where is Tioman Island and How to Get There

Tioman Peladang Chalet

Tioman is a tiny island with 12km wide and 39 km long off the south-east coast of Malaysia’s peninsular. The island is located just north of the border of Pahang-Johor and is reachable either by ferry or speedboat from Tanjung Gemuk or from the coastal town of Mersing, located at Johor. If you prefer flying […]

What to do in Malaysia

Malaysia is quite accurate to be recognized as a tropical paradise. More than a million tourists spend their vacation in Malaysia every year to explore the beautiful islands with unspoiled coastlines and experience the local cultures with great diversity. Malaysia is a tiny country but visitors will find countless activities and things to do. Starting […]

Tioman Marine Park

If you are looking for a holiday under the sun and through the beautiful tropical forests of the country, Pahang is a great state to consider visiting while you are in Malaysia. The largest state on the Peninsular of Malaysia beckons you to come and experience first-hand the beauty of nature and many adventures that […]

Coral Island (Tulai Island)

Boat in front of coral tulai island tioman

There are lots of things you can explore in Malaysia. Besides the rich historical backgrounds and cultural diversity, Malaysia is also well-known for its beautiful landscapes and views. Mountains and hills are in fact, one of the most important attractions for visitors to visit Malaysia; besides the mountains and the hills, the seas and beaches […]