The Historical City of Melaka is situated in the second smallest state of Malaysia, Melaka. The first ruler of the city , Parameswara is a famous name known to Malaysian of all walks of life. Initially a Palembang prince, a Javanese army attacked his kingdom in the fourteenth-century. The prince then fleed to Temasik (now known as Singapore), but was again chased out of the territory by Siamese attacks. As he moved on to the Malay peninsular, he reached the mouth of Bertam River and decided to take a rest under the shades of a tree. There, he witnessed the courageous act of a mouse deer that kicked his hunting dog. Impressed by his sight, he thought that the area is an auspicious one and could be prosperous in the future. He then started to develop the place and named it after the tree under which he was resting, Melaka.

Attractions in Melaka City
1. The Stadthuys
2. St Paul’s Hill
3. Malacca Sultanate Palace
The Stadthuys St. Paul's Hill (Bukit St. Paul) Malacca Sultanate Palace
4. Maritime Museum
5. Red Square
6. Melaka River
Maritime Museum Red Square (Dutch Square) Melaka River
7. Jonker Street
8. Chinatown
9. Heeren Street
Jonker Street Chinatown - Melaka Heeren Street Heritage Centre
10. St Peter’s Church
11. Cheng Ho Museum
12. Portuguese Square
Historical St. Peter’s Church Cheng Ho Cultural Museum The Portuguese Square
13. St John’s Fort
14. St Francis Xavier’s Church
15. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
St. John’s Fort St Francis Xavier’s Church Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
16. Christ Church
17. Cultural Museum
18. Baba Nyonya Museum
Christ Church Cultural Museum Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
19. Hang Tuah Mausoleum
20. Bukit Cina
21. Museum Istana
Hang Tuah Mausoleum Bukit China Muzium Istana
22. Astronomy Complex
23. Klebang Beach
Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex Klebang Beach

How to get there

By Coach

It is very easy to get to Melaka. From Kuala Lumpur, you could hop on express buses like Transnasional, 707 Express and Delima Express departing from Bandar Tasik Selatan. The journey would take you approximately 2 hours.

By Air

There is an airport located in Batu Berendam, 10km away from Malacca City. However, it serves mostly international flights flying from nearby Indonesian airports.

Getting around the city is easy. You could either walk or hop on a trishaw! If you need to move to a further destination, you could get a taxi easily.

Recommended Hotels in Melaka City, Melaka
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2. Holiday Inn Melaka Hotel
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3. Hatten Hotel Melaka
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4. Hotel Puri Melaka
Located within Jonker Street with easy access to restaurants and attractions.
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