Kota Kinabalu (also known as KK) is a modern state capital of the land below the wind – Sabah. Formerly known as Jesselton, this fantastic city has a warm hospitality and is famous around the world. It is a nature city with world renowned sandy beaches, paradise islands, virgin coral reefs, tropical rain forests and the significant Mount Kinabalu, where the city got its name. Kota Kinabalu is a growing city with more than 600,000 population. There are mixture of different races and ethnicities here with majority are Chinese, followed by Bajau, Kadazan, Dusun, Malays, Murut, Indian and others.

Attractions in Kota Kinabalu:
1. Mari Mari Cultural Village
2. TARP Islands
3. Jesselton Point
Mari Mari Cultural Village , Kota Kinabalu Tunku Abdul Rahman Park , Kota Kinabalu Jesselton Point Waterfront , Kota Kinabalu
4. Gaya Street
5. North Borneo Railway
6. Signal Hill
Gaya Street (Sunday Market) , Kota Kinabalu North Borneo Railway , Kota Kinabalu Signal Hill Observatory Platform , Kota Kinabalu
7. Aquarium & Marine Museum
8. Klias River
9. Monsopiad Cul. Village
Aquarium & Marine Museum , Kota Kinabalu Klias River Monsopiad Cultural Village , Kota Kinabalu
10. Atkinson Clock Tower
11. Borneo Art Gallery
12. Double Six Monument
Atkinson Clock Tower , Kota Kinabalu Borneo Art Gallery , Kota Kinabalu Double Six Monument , Kota Kinabalu
13. Kipandi Butterfly Park
14. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
15. Outdoor Dev. Centre
Kipandi Butterfly Park , Kota Kinabalu Lok Kawi Wildlife Park , Kota Kinabalu Outdoor Development Centre (ODEC) , Kota Kinabalu
16. Petagas War Memorial
17. State Museum
18. St. Michael’s Church
Petagas War Memorial , Kota Kinabalu Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village, Kota Kinabalu St. Michael's Church Penampang , Kota Kinabalu
19. Tamu Penampang
20. Tanjung Aru Beach
21. The Green Connection
Tamu Penampang , Kota Kinabalu Tanjung Aru Beach , Kota Kinabalu The Green Connection , Kota Kinabalu
22. Tun Mustapha Gallery
23. Water World Theme Park
Tun Mustapha Gallery , Kota Kinabalu Water World Theme Park , Kota Kinabalu
Recommended Hotels in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah:
1. Gaya Centre Hotel
One of the most popular and highly rated hotel in the city centre.
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2. Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu
Located in the city centre within walking distance to city attractions.
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3. The Pacific Sutera
Suitable for family vacation with onsite golf course and kids club.
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4. Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Hotel
Located near to the waterfront and major attractions in the city.
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How to get there:

By Air

Visitors may visit Kota Kinabalu by plane, by car, by bus as well as by sea. There are direct international flights which stop at Kota Kinabalu International Airport daily, be it from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan and other cities in Malaysia. Plus the aiport is very closeby to the city, at only 7 kilometers away.

By Land

For those who are driving from other cities, you can basically follow any main road in Sabah as all will lead you to Kota Kinabalu. As for buses, there are 2 long distance bus terminal available which are the South Bus Terminal and North Bus Terminal. The first serves cities from the south of Kota Kinabalu like Beaufort, Sipitang and Lawas. The latter serves the cities from the north and east such as Mount Kinabalu, Sandakan, Semporna and Tawau.

By Sea

There is a regular access by sea which is only from Labuan. There two trips of ferry services which take about 3 hours daily to and fro Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. The ferries will depart from Labuan docks and arrive at Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal in Kota Kinabalu.